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Hello all! My name is Renee, I am 24 years old and from Melbourne. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy where I frequently experience Generalized tonic-clonic seizures . When I was 16 I woke up with my 2 friends in distress telling me I had a seizure. That was the first time. But in denial I just brushed it aside wanting to forget but a few months later with them not stopping I was properly diagnosed and that’s when my life had completely changed. I felt a lot of shame, embarrassment, anxiety and depression for years and made me terrified that I was never going to live a normal life with not having the courage to tell anyone. It effects me everyday, sometimes having to deal with injuries and as well watching it effect the people around me too but having to fight this it has made me so much stronger. It has helped me open up, educate, to learn responsibility and being able to tell others about my own story. To be proud and happy. Learning about this walk only a few months ago I believe we can all help make an amazing change.

Sarah Grahame

Missing my Big Brother Joe. #SUDEP 💜💜💜💜

Natalie Lamanna

hey I am Natalie, im walking and running long and short distance's for everyone who is effected by epilepsy , im not walking for me as I am one of those people who are living with epilepsy.

Casey Silbery

For my beautiful boy Zeb. The baby of my 4 children, our little soldier. He has the biggest heart and the greatest attitude about his diagnosis this year. The least I can do is walk 100kms to spread awareness and raise funds for the amazing work the epilepsy foundation do! Thank you

Vanessa Bibile

I’m walking for team Noalepsy. Because I’m so proud of my epileptic children. They are so strong and do so much to try and help make sure all epileptics have all the support they need. They are determined to teach everyone that it’s normal to be different in some way. I’m walking to let all epileptics know that they are loved and supported.

Lisa Beck

I am walking for my gorgeous daughter Ava in the hope of raising more awareness and funds for epilepsy so that one day there might be a cure . Sending a message of hope that all people with epilepsy keep strong and positive ,living with a condition that is often invisible to others . Showing my support for these amazing people

Kylie Shepherd

I’m doing this in memory of my late fiancé Anton who died almost two years ago and to those still living with epilepsy now


I walking in honour of my son Tristan who passed from sudep (sudden unexpected death in epileptics). Tristan was only 16. Not only did he pass away from a seizure he took care of me his mum, me, who through his younger years had epliepsy. Tristan was not diagnosed with epilepsy but he had to deal with epilepsy all his life until it took his life.


100kms seems like nothing compared to living with epilepsy. Running for my daughter. Running so she knows she’s not alone, running so she sees that she can do incredible things ❤️

Carolyn Corless

Walking for my daughter Tiffany Corless who has overcome many battles but always gets up. Could not be prouder.


For my hero and amazing husband Adam and all those who suffer from this condition. You’re all amazing. This is for you 💜

Vanessa Simione-Mazzocco

I am walking for epilepsy for all those who live with this disorder that are unseen. Those with epilepsy who live their life as independently as possible. Those that are fortunate enough that they are not suffering as much as other epileptics out there.

Super Hero Archie

Faye Davies

Walking in honour and memory of my Uncle Peter Davies


In training


I am walking for my sister Ellie, who has had Epilepsy since her mid teens. I am looking forward to clocking up plenty of kms this month and raising money for her and everyone else that is diagnosed with Epilepsy.

Judy Johnson

I am walking on behalf of my beautiful daughter Cheree Johnson who was diagnosed appropriately 16 years ago and has taken the diagnosis in her stride , you are my inspiration and I couldn’t be more prouder of the way you have dealt with all the challenges epilepsy has put before you, keep being you and keep your head held high. 💕 we all love you.

Darren and AntheA Ruiter

We are walking for our son Ben who suffers severe epilepsy. He’s had every treatment and surgeries and implants but still has seizures every day and night sadly. He is an inspiration and we want to find a cure for him and everyone e else out there suffering epilepsy. None should have to live like he does. We are walking for our daughter Bec who has epilepsy too but hers is controlled. We are walking for a very special person in our life tok Casey who has severe epilepsy and we love her so much. Also Georgia another special young girl in our life who struggles with this condition. Owen a young man we met when Ben has one of his surgeries. We are blessed to have so many strong inspiring people in our life. Thankyou for teaching us to make the most of every day. We will fight this until we find a cure. We also walk for tbe many many families that we haven’t met but are suffering from epilepsy. Please join us to help find a cure!

Sandra Huynh

Doing it with team J...! I am walking along side little Joshua, because know body should do it alone. I am doing this because I want to help raise awareness and support those living with epilepsy. Xox

Allison Dumbrell

I’m loving memory of my darling daughter Danni 9 years ago this October 👼🏼💖🌟

Harry James Lydon

We love you so much and admire your courage and resilience.

Beck Biddle

Hi all my name is Beck Biddle the reason im walking for epilepsy is because I was born with epilepsy and intellectual disability 23 years ago I had huge grand mal seizure that almost killed me I was outside dont remember al lot only what I was told by my mum I was walking in backyard of friends place I was walking I hit car turned around and hit the clothesline fell to the ground my head bounced twice off the footpath i chip two of my front teeth an bit . My tongue and my skin changed color went from purple to grey my step das saved my life put blanket on me an called the ambulance I did become seizure free for almost 20.years my step. Dad passed away at home after having surgery on his ankle he in was hospital for a month then came home he passed away on the day of his funeral I had seizure in during the night so now I'm back to having seizures but this time I'm having Myoclonic seizure so I'm. Walking to make awareness for epilepsy an for all those who have epilepsy like some of my friends do I'm wanting to raise $500 for epilepsy foundation Australia I'll be walking 50km over 10 days I'm already training for it

Robyn McLaren

We are walking for my twin boys who have Epilepsy. We will do all we can to raise awareness and support for all those living with Epilepsy.

Dawn Dickson

I am walking as part of Ava’s Purple Warriors. Ava is my beautiful 14 year old grand daughter who was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of nine. Ava is inspirational to all who know her.

Kylie Shepherd

I’m walking for my late fiancée Anton who died of epilepsy almost 2 years ago and for friends who have it too


I am walking for Epilespy in honour of my son Jacob who was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. We are going to tackle this journey like a superhero, and do everything we can to raise awareness and support for all those living with Epilespy.

Shayla Anderson

In memory of Jai Reed 💕

Tara Andrews

I am walking in memory of my older sister Jade. Jade recently passed away and I miss her terribly. This is my way on honouring her memory and helping others with epilepsy

I just want to thank everyone that has jumped on board to support these amazing people & organisations that are there for me & those close to me as we navigate this journey called Epilepsy. Would so rather be traveling to Hawaii or Cairns or the like but ..... Thank you everyone ! !

Angie Rogers

I am walking for myself as I have epilepsy. This year 2020, I had brain surgery to remove a lesion I had on my brain that was causing the seizures. I’m in recovery and so far seizure free. The foundation is amazing and I would like to support it by raising money for awareness by walking.

Good Luck & Thanks for all you do for us!!

Amanda Begelhole

I'm walking for myself but also for my dear friend Colleen who passed away a few years ago who also had Epilepsy. We spoke about all our issues, there was no holding back! I miss her terribly so am doing this for the both of us!

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