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Friday 18th Mar
September 11th 2021 the night my 6 year old son woke up early hours of the morning in a seizure state. The fear and panic i felt was like no other pain imaginable. He was terrified but his eyes looked straight through me and he had no idea that mummy and daddy were there with him. The feeling of being completley helpless to your own child is devastating. 6 months later and we watch as our son Tayvenn James Kelly has a night seizure averaging 6-12 days roughly and constant absence seizures during the day. His quality of life has been affected, his emotions, thoughts and understanding of simple day to day activities have been affected. Tayvenn and all other epilipsy sufferers need your help!! 

Every 33 minutes, someone is diagnosed with epilepsy in Australia. That’s 14,000 people each year. The most common chronic brain condition that still has no cure.

Make March Purple is a campaign raising awareness of the condition and gathering vital funds for research, support and education to over 250,000 Australians living with epilepsy.

Even $1 can mzke a difference. Please help and support all sufferers!!

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