Paper Blessed Craft for a cause

By Megan Flynn

Help me Make March Purple for Epilepsy! Together we are creating with the colour purple, our challenge is to create 31 cards or purple paper craft focused projects to raise awareness and conversation for epilepsy. 

I found out I had epilepsy over a year a go now and have had several public seizures that can be quite frightening for anyone. I was diagnosed as I had a stroke in 2015 suddenly was falling and blacking out, during an EEG it was found I was then a epilepsy warrior.

I didn't know much about epilepsy and I'm still learning, I have a blog which can be found here

By Megan Flynn – Paper craft for a cause (

I will be sharing all our paper craft creations and further conversation on epilepsy. I hope to play a small part, learn and support a worthy cause that helps and educates others like me.

I appreciate your support so much on the 26rh March we encourage you to take a selfie raising your glass, sharing your still here. I'll add them to our purple blog post for 2022.

Please feel free to tag me #paperblessedbymegan to ensure I see your wonderful creations and any other epilepsy awareness tags you think off. (1) Paper Blessed | Facebook

Thanks so much 


My Updates

Add a splash of purple

Monday 28th Feb
Help me support a cause that is close to my heart as an epilepsy warrior. Your donation is greatly  appreciated. We already have some wonderful purple craft coming through. Our aim is to create 31 purple paper craft projects, it does not matter if you d 5 or 2 or 31, its all part of the challenge.
Come along and join our facebook group to share creativity and journey and support anytime.  (1) Paper Blessed Craft for a cause | Facebook

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Megan Flynn