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I’m taking part in Walk for Epilepsy around Australia because...

I want to raise money and make a difference for people living & dealing with epilepsy. As some of you probably know, I've dealt with epilepsy since I was an infant. It's been in my family for a while and is a recessive gene which has had a massive impact on my life and many others. I’ll try keep it as short as I can.

I've had my ups and downs like most people living with the illness. I thought I was through the worst of it when I came off medication when I was about 11 years old. I had been seizure free until I went on exchange to Italy when I was 16.  Dealing with a neurological disorder can be hard at the best of times but throw in learning a new language, dealing with culture shock, homesickness and navigating adolescence, and you've got the perfect storm.  

Ages 16-19 were some of the hardest years of my life, having multiple seizures a week and trying a cocktail of medications with various degrees of success. I’ve got to thank the incredible network of health professionals, teachers, friends & family who helped me get through those incredibly difficult periods.

The Epilepsy Foundation does incredible work to be a support network, provide resources, workshops & research into the illness that effects over 39 million people worldwide. I know too well that epilepsy can cause social isolation, stigmatisation, or disability and the Epilepsy Foundation really supports people going through those trying times.   

Please help me by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about the walk, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Fast forward to now, I haven’t had a seizure since I was about 21 (touchwood). I’m healthy, have my license, a full-time job and have had the incredible opportunity to travel the world. To those who are suffering through the worst of the illness, there is support out there and life can get better! 

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Saturday 17th Oct
Just clocked up 14kms on my first walk. I might look to extend the kms based on how the body feels & donations are tracking. Thanks to everyone that has donated!

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Emily Bourke On Behalf Of The Bourke Family

Great work Pat, much love to you and your fam x


Patrick Rebakis


Georgia Dyer

Proud of you!



Don't forget to stretch afterwards.


Mary Bourke

Well done


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What rhymes with orange? No it doesn’t


Jack Delbridge



Andy Smith

You da man Pag


Eph, Anna & Jamie

Good work Pat! Love from the Fam.


Johanna Nesbitt

What a champion. You’re a great example of success and perseverance when dealing with such a challenging disease Pat.


Nick Sweetland

Great work Pat!


Patrick Rebakis


Nikki De Sanctis

Such an important cause - onya Patty!!


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Awesome work!


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Love your work pat


Lucy & Billy

A brilliant way to raise awareness and funds for the Epilepsy Foundation. Proud of you Pat!


Kilali Alailima Gibson

Don't forget your sunscreen!


Kerrod & Carmela

Keep up the good work Pat! Super proud of you for doing this, and for everything you've achieved so far in life. Love, Kerrod & Carmela


Jackson Holland

Legend! Beersies soon 🤙🏼


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Good stuff bro, amazing work!


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a great cause, thanks for doing this!




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Great effort Patty! Keep up the awesome work!


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Good work pat ❤️


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Great work Pagadagadag!!


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Good luck!



Good on ya mate! Punch out the last few



Love it. Well done.


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Go Pat!


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One foot in front of the other!



Small contribution to a big cause! Go Pat!



Pagadagalag, great work mate!


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Great work, Pat. Keep going!


Anne Hardie

Happy 😃 feet 🦶 x


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Well done Patrick!


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Amazing effort pag :)