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I’m taking part in Walk for Epilepsy around Australia because...

7 years ago I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, after fighting a long battle of uncontrolled seizures for 16 years. I have decided to join the walk as a way to advocate for myself & my own illness to try make a difference for people living with this condition too.

Epilepsy is so much more than just a seizure. Not only is that the worst part of the condition, but the stress your body goes through physically, mentally & emotionally is indescribable. Living day to day with a silent condition where you look ok on the outside but are sick on the inside can be hard to explain to most people.

In 2013 I nearly lost my battle to Epilepsy when my body started to give up on me after weeks of repetitive seizures. I count my lucky stars everyday that I am still here and how I got through my road to recovery. I know not everyone is as lucky as me and my heart goes out to anyone that is fighting their battle right now with their families watching on the sidelines, terrified of the unknown. 

This is a cause so close to my heart and I would appreciate if you could help support me in any way to raise as much awareness as possible. This isn't talked about enough and no-one deserves to go through this alone.

Please help me by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. The more people that know about the walk, the greater the impact so please spread the word by sharing my post with your friends & family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means the world to me!


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David Monaghan

So proud of what you have done & achieved, 💕


David Di Pasquale


Sammy C

It’s amazing to see how far you have come tayz, all the best x


Meaghan Spiteri

Love you with all my heart x


Kate, Dick , Ruby And Annie

Your one in a million, what an inspiration!!


Laura And Phil

Thank you for sharing your story Taylah, it's one of courage, optimism, hope and strength. Best of luck with your journey forward, we are here for you each STEP of the way :) xxx


Fiona Eppingstall


Bernadette Monaghan

One very strong little lady. Love you. Xxxxx


Emily Mcnamara

You’re amazing! So proud of everything you do ❤️


Alison Frankel

Best wishes and a fantastic effort Tayz. We are very fortunate and blessed that you are here to tell your story. 💕


Jpm Building & Construction Pty Ltd



Well done Tayz, great effort


Joanne Cox

So proud of you Tayz xx




Ash And Shan

Good job Tays ! You’re a good egg


Colin & Peter.

Good luck Tayz. Very proud.


Adam Muling

Killing it


Cym Thompson


Tom And Connie Di Pasquale

Taylah we wish you the very best today and always with your condition and as an advocate for Epilepsy. Raising awareness is so imporant - well done xx


Granny &pa

Good luck Tayz


Taylah Monaghan


Tammy Jenks


Bec Orr

You’ve been through so much Tays and still come out a shining beauty the other side. So proud of you always xoxox


Netta Spiteri

Go Tay, you will kick ars


Fiona L

You’re amazing Tay🙏always here to support you😘😘


Hays & Mick

So much love to you ❤️ Love you and miss you Tays xxx


Lisa Pfeiffer


Anna Niehaus




Bec Millard

So bloody proud of you. Such a strong cookie. Love you xx


Matthew Gatt


Harry Clifford


Melissa Farrugia


Jackson Almenara

You’re a legend Taylah xx


Demi Thomson


Karina Bettio


Jack Holman

Love you Tay 💜


Brodie Coots


Thom Bonilla

Smash it!!


Alex Romano

Smashing it, great work Tay💪


Suzanne Connell

Your a ⭐️ Taylah - beautiful inside & out xx


Hannah Lane


Adriana Del Giudice

All my love + support to you, Taylah! 💕


Ashleigh Butcher

Amazing work girl! Your amazing!!


John Nicholls

Good on ya Tay🙌


Glenda Mcnamara

Good luck with this love Glenda x


Brad Mcdavitt


Abby Grech

Amazing things you’re doing. Good on you xx


Jack Mcdonald

Good Luck Taylah!! So proud of ya champion


Angela Robson