It turns lives upside down.
Yet, it doesn’t need to be this way.

Too many men are struggling or simply ignoring the symptoms.

We can help. We can give them the tools they need.

But we need YOU. Show your support for men living with epilepsy.

Donate before 30 June.

This June is all about men’s health. Giving them the support, information and care they need to live well with epilepsy.

Men like Jas who has lived with epilepsy his entire life but was formally diagnosed when he was 37 years old.


“I can’t really tell you when I had my first seizure, because the seizures were quite mild and incredibly infrequent. I would have these deja vu sensations. How do you explain that to someone? You can’t. And then you’d hear other people talk about having deja vu moments. So, you think, oh well, no big deal.”


Epilepsy is a big deal, impacting a person physically, mentally, emotionally. For men it also impacts their identity, self-worth and purpose in life.


I didn’t accept my diagnosis. I didn’t give myself permission to accept what was going on with me. The hardest part of living with epilepsy is depression…” 

We can provide boys and men, like Jas, with the tools they need to understand and Practical tools like our Epilepsy Management Plans, tailored to suit the individual, their type of seizures and their needs. Without your support, these Epilepsy Management Plans would not be possible.

Like any person who has been told they have epilepsy, life turned completely upside down for Jas with immediate consequences…

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