At around four months old, Evelyn developed a twitch. It would happen just as she was drifting off to sleep. Her arms would raise up and jerk forward and her eyes would roll back and forth, left to right.

Her parents had no idea what was happening to their beautiful little girl. Yet in their search for answers, they came across the Epilepsy Foundation.

It took one phone call for us to be right by their side, providing them with vital support, information and care.

“Is it infantile spasms?”

Our Epilepsy Support Workers understand what it means to be impacted by epilepsy. They recognise the signs of seizures. At our insistence, Evelyn was finally diagnosed with infantile spasms.

We have been with Evelyn and her family throughout their journey with epilepsy. And we will continue to be there for them as Evelyn grows into a beautiful young woman.

You can read Evelyn’s full story here.

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