Fundraising Guidelines

Any person, organisation or group who intends to raise funds for Epilepsy Foundation accepts the following:

Epilepsy Foundation is legally required to approve and authorise all fundraising activities. Once your fundraising activity is approved, Epilepsy Foundation will email you a letter giving confirmation of your Authority to Fundraise, which will be your legal authority to undertake a fundraising activity in support of Epilepsy Foundation.

The activity must be conducted in your/the organisation’s name.  This means the person, group or organisation will be solely responsible for running and managing the fundraising activity in an appropriate and responsible way. It is the responsibility of the Authorised Fundraiser to manage finances, staffing, marketing, promotion, sponsorship and running of the activity.

Please remember that your fundraising activity will not be an Epilepsy Foundation’s fundraising activity. It will be a fundraising activity to raise funds for Epilepsy Foundation. A suggested way of promoting it is: “Funds raised will go to support the work of Epilepsy Foundation”

The Authorised Fundraiser must ensure that they are compliant with any applicable state fundraising legislation or local regulations and should ensure that any permits, authorities, insurances or licenses are secured for the activity. This information will be available from your State Government office.

The Authorised Fundraiser is responsible for ensuring the safety of the activity, including organising any appropriate public liability insurance and providing first aid services if required.

The Authorised Fundraiser will hold all funds raised until the activity is completed.  They will ensure the funds are held in a secure place, with full records of income and that these funds are deposited to Epilepsy Foundation within 28 days of the activity being completed.  Additionally the Authorised Fundraiser will deposit all proceeds from the sale of Epilepsy Foundation merchandise and return any unsold items including unused fundraising materials to Epilepsy Foundation within 28 days of the activity being completed.

The Authorised Fundraiser is not permitted to conduct door?to?door, street or telephone approaches to the general public for donations in connection with the activity.  


The Authorised Fundraiser agrees to release Epilepsy Foundation from any claims associated with the activity and will indemnify Epilepsy Foundation for any liability or costs that may arise in respect to damage, loss or injury occurring to any person associated with the activity caused by breach of responsibilities or negligence.

The Authorised Fundraiser acknowledges that they are of proper physical and mental condition to organise and conduct the fundraising activity and have considered and voluntarily agree to any and all risks associated with conducting the activity.

The Authorised Fundraiser understands that they, their agents or personal representatives, cannot claim against Epilepsy Foundation or its directors, officers, staff, volunteers and agents for loss, damage or injury, however occurring, as a direct or indirect result of this fundraising activity.

Epilepsy Foundation reserves the right to withdraw support for the activity at any time if there is any likelihood that the fundraising activity and/or the organiser/s fails to comply with the above responsibilities.