1 person every 33 minutes will be told they have epilepsy.

That one person may be a child, a parent, a friend, a colleague. They may have a history of epilepsy in their family. Seizures can happen at any time, at any age, in any place. Yet all have one thing in common when a seizure happens…

At the moment they experience their very first seizure, life for them and their families change. As it changed for Blake, Indy, Fergus and their families.   

You can read all their stories here

06:00pm - just before dinner

Ashlee realised her son, Blake, was not ignoring her to come to the dinner table. He was having a seizure and would go on to have multiple seizures over the coming days. Their life changed that evening.  Read Blake's story..

08:14am - onsite for work experience

Indy was excited to be at a worksite learning plumbing as part of her school-work experience. Her excitement was short-lived. She fell backwards, and woke up in hospital, her parents frantic at what had happened to their little girl.  Read Indy's story..

04:00pm - watching AFL Grand Final

Fergus was having an out-of-body-experience while watching the AFL Grand Final. Little did he or his parents know that he was having a seizure due to bleeds in the brain. Eventually, Fergus was diagnosed with a rare condition called Cavernoma (brain bleeds).  Read Fergus's story..

No person living with epilepsy should ever go it alone.

They need the best evidence-based support, information and care to understand and manage their epilepsy. They need the Epilepsy Foundation. They need YOU.

Please donate now for the 1 person who will be diagnosed in the next 33 minutes. Thank you.

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