Are you ready to take the challenge?

Show you care and dare to be covered in purple muck to raise funds and awareness for the 260,000 people in Australia whose lives have been turned upside down by epilepsy!

How it works

1. Register

Create a fundraising page here to share with your network, encouraging people to donate.

2. Get Mucked

During March, film yourself pouring a bucket of purple muck over your head. An easy recipe for making purple muck can be found here.

3. Share The Muck

Share the video on social media and nominate/tag at least three friends to participate. If they choose not to participate, they must donate to your page.

Be sure to tag the Epilepsy Foundation and use the hashtags #GetMuckedEpilepsy #MuckMeForEpilepsy

Are you ready?

Get your friends together to participate in the


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