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What is Make March Purple?

Make March Purple is a month-long campaign aiming to raise awareness of epilepsy across Australia. Epilepsy organisations from around the country come together in support of the 260,000 Australians living with epilepsy and those that care for them.

Why March?

Motivated by her own personal struggle with epilepsy, nine year old Canandian girl Cassidy Megan held the first Purple Day event on March 26, 2008. In the years following, epilepsy organisations around the world began recognising March 26 as an international day of epilepsy awareness. Australian organisations have come together, extending Purple Day, March 26, into a month-long celebration in support of people living with epilepsy.

How can I Make March Purple?

Help us turn things around this Make March Purple by:
  • Taking on the Muck Challenge
  • Visiting a landmark or building illuminated in purple near you
  • Fundraising for an epilepsy organisation