Amy Murphy

MMP Muck

I'm fundraising for... the 1 in 3 people who are effected by seizures throughout life.

My son suffered multiple types of seizures in 2019.  Every time he went to sleep they would happen so medication after medication reduced them until they were brought under control. It was so hard seeing him go through that and it is only because of his doctors and the Epilepsy Foundation that we've seen our  son's wonderful strong personality really shine :)

Now I am trying to support a new friend whose son has up to 30 seizures a day! I remember the pain I felt when our son would cry out as a seizure was about to start and seeing that same pain reflected in my friend when she talks about her struggles.

That is why I have decided to tell Epilepsy to Get Mucked this March!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Margaret Murphy

Pat, Chris and Marg Go Amy


Joy Stapleton

Best wishes Amy. Hope it isn’t too terrible xx


Monique Stapleton


Emma & Shohei


Lisa Jamieson

Go Any.


Todd Withington


Amy Murphy


Jill And Bob


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David Ange


Jack Stevens

Go Auntie Amy! From your little mate Jack x


Robyn Withington


Jude Mc

Love supporting a great cause but not going to lie, looking forward to you bringing on the slime!!! 😜


Kimberlee Olsen

Have fun getting slimed Amy!