Tour de North West

By Michael Davis

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My target 5000 kms

My Big Ride

I've decided that it's time for me to do something that's been in my bucket list for a long time. I am cycling over 4200km as a personal challenge this July/August.

I've decided to help the Epilepsy Foundation make a huge difference for the 1 in 25 people whose lives are affected by epilepsy as I too was once epileptic.

I'm hoping that while I complete this project, you will show your support by making a donation.

Let's give those who are living with epilepsy the chance of a better life.

For those who don't know, I was one who lived with epilepsy for the better part of 40 years of my life. It was first detected back in 1969 after brain surgeries I had. 

I can tell you from experience, the seizures can vary from short 30 seconds to, in my case, an hour or so. Most of mine were petit mal seizures but I did have at least 3 that I can still recall where I went fully unconscious. 

However, I was a lucky one to have mine completely defeated. 

Times were hard for me back when I was in my 20's. That was when I decided to do this challenge. Back then I wanted to cycle the Alaska Highway. But now, I am aiming to cycle from Anchorage Alaska to Dawson City Yukon via Fairbanks and possibly up to the Arctic Circle on the Dempster Highway and then down to Victoria BC via Dawson Creek (Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway). 

I will be posting updates as I do the journey. 

Any support you can give will be muchly appreciated as it is going to a cause I believe needs more assistance.

Thank you for your time.

Michael Davis

My Updates

10 Aug 2023

Tuesday 15th Aug
I started on 5th July and still going, since then I have travelled 3314K's.  

28th July 2023

Tuesday 15th Aug
 I continued from Teslin along the Alaska Hwy 90.92km to a camping area just shy of Swift River. 

27 July 2023

Tuesday 15th Aug

I continued my way to Teslin. It was just 84.48 km but I had a good night's rest after just over 5 hours cycling.


26 July 2023

Tuesday 15th Aug
On July 26th, I left Whitehorse heading towards Watson Lake. It was just under 6 hours of cycling against a headwind. I stopped for the night a few km past Jake's Cnr doing 95.85km. Attached is a picture of the mountain just past Jake's Cnr.


Monday 31st Jul

Today's ride was a quick run into Whitehorse. It was just over 94km and after going through a quick storm, I got into town in 4h23min. Time for a few days rest and visit a few old time friends.


Monday 31st Jul

Today I cycled from Summit Roadhouse to Tatchun Creek camp ground.  I called it a day just before the rain came. I accidentally saved it as 2 separate rides. I had a pit stop at the end of the first ride to see the attached information. 


Monday 31st Jul

Today I rode 115km from Gravel Lake to Summit Roadhouse where strangely there was no sign of settlement. It was just a dot on the map.


Monday 31st Jul

I started from Dawson City again but headed south towards Whitehorse stopping for the night at a camp ground at Gravel Lake for the night. I had to take it easy on my left leg making my right leg do most of the work. It paid off.


Monday 31st Jul

After a days rest in Dawson City,  I headed out on the Klondike Hwy to km41 to start the Dempster Hwy up to the Arctic Circle.  I got to Tombstone National Park camp ground that evening on the rough gravel road but had an issue with my left calf muscle.  I suspected it was a slight muscle tear.  The next morning I could hardly walk. With my parents as my support crew, they gave me a lift back to Dawson to reassess things. 


Thursday 20th Jul
Day 11 - I arrived in Dawson City last night. I have had no reception for the last 3 days.    In the last 2days, I climbed over 3300m.


Thursday 20th Jul
Day 10


Thursday 20th Jul
Day 9   Few days of solid riding - no internet access so no progress updates unavailable.


Thursday 20th Jul
Day 4 Today started out a bit wet but I was prepared for it. After about an hour, the rain cleared. I saved today's as 2 rides totaling just over 120km.  It felt good. That last 30km gave me a nice tail wind that made it a lot easier. I helped a few ladies with a flat tyre from NY and they are going to sponsor me as a thank you


Thursday 20th Jul

Day 3 The third day I was soaked after about 32km so I checked into a hotel and dried out.


Thursday 20th Jul
Day 2 – I was battling head winds today

It's hard to keep riding with this view

Monday 17th Jul
- just want to stop & admire it for hours


Wednesday 5th Jul
Day 1  Well, I got off a bit later than intended to today. Only did 86 km. 

Thank you to my Sponsors



Proud of your tremendous effort and a worthy cause Keep on truckin'


Betty Bengert

Well done Mike!! What a tremendous accomplishment and all for such a worth cause.


Glenn And Raeanne Steele

So impressed with your cause and your journey. Glad we met up with you at Muncho Lake.


Dan Pearson

You're a good man, Mike. Keep up the good work!


Garth Bolstad


Protos Projects Pty Ltd

Good luck mate, peddle hard.


Helen Mccullough

Congratulations! What a kind and adventurous endeavour!


Rachel Foley-lewis

What an achievement Michael! You should be so proud of your effort which I’m sure must have taken perseverance, tenacity, not to mention significant planning. Well done!




Anna Millard


Amanda Watson




Sean Foley-lewis


Vinesh Prasad

Enjoy Michael