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Can help a family learn more about their child's epilepsy
Can provide support, information and tools for a family
Can help give parents a tailored Epilepsy Management Plan for their child

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When you choose to donate, you’ll be giving a family, like Heath’s and Luisa’s the complete and comprehensive care they’ll need from the Epilepsy Foundation.

We talk with parents about how best to support their child during a seizure, help them navigate the school system and give them tools, like a detailed Epilepsy Management Plan or Emergency Medication Plan so they can keep their child safe during a seizure.

While we provide most support by phone, we also attend appointments with a worried parent or carer. We listen, we share our understanding and develop a plan of action. We brainstorm on strategies to reduce risks or stresses. And we learn as much as we can about the person, including their life goals, hopes, support network, so they have the most appropriate support.

We work with foster parents or kinship carers, with people who don't speak English along with their interpreters. We work with people who have multiple services involved in their care.

If you are living or impacted by epilepsy,
we are here for YOU.

If you can help, please donate now.